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Started in 2006, Due Process consisted of Dean Schroyer (vocals, rhythm guitar, silly percussion), Kevin Costello (bass and vocals), Rick Henson (drums and vocals), Bob Bone (keyboards, vocals, rhythm guitar), and Semisi Tipeni (lead guitar and vocals).  As with any band, players change but we don't plan on changing any band members EVER AGAIN.  It's just too good now.  Meet the members of Due Process:  Dean and Kevin (Kevin put down the bass for lead guitar), Milka Tokic (keyboards and vocals - joined 2010), Tom O'Neill (drums - joined 2015), and Anita Visser (bass, guitar, and vocals - joined 2016).  Past members include Roy Richardson and Mike Riedel.  Finally, Phil Jones and Roy occasionally sit in with the band when we need 'em

DEAN SCHROYER   (Lead Vocals):  Dean is known for being a rather energetic front man who makes the audience part of the show.  His vocal range allows him to do songs from artists such as Journey to Muse or Chuck Berry to The Commodores with equal power and in most cases in the original keys.  Dean can sound like the original singers but somehow he does while sounding like himself.

KEVIN COSTELLO (Lead Guitar):  When Kevin was 16 and asked his parents to buy him a guitar, his father told him to “get a job!”   Ever since then Kevin has known that hard work and good music go hand-in-hand.  Kevin has always been a guitar player but his first year with Due Process was on bass showing his versatility.  Now he's back to the instrument he loves.  Kevin's strengths are in his ability to capture numerous tones so that our versions of songs sound identical to originals.  Kevin also spent some time in Quasimodo playing lead guitar and bass.

MILKA SEKA TOKIC (Keyboards): Milka grew up in Croatia and absorbed the warmth and beauty of the sunny Adriatic Coast, as well as a good mix of rock, ethnic, and classical music. A gifted keyboard player, she creates a colorful polyphony of sound effects and orchestral instruments that keeps Due Process from turning into just another rock band.

TOM O'NEILL (Drums):  Tom joined Due Process in April, 2015.  He’s got experience with many bands (local and touring) and musical productions including a multitude of styles (RnB, Jazz, Country, Rock, and other more ethnic rhythms).  He’s been drumming since sixth grade which means (just like the rest of us) he’s been playing music for 900 years.  Music runs in his family (his dad was a jazz piano player) and not unlike his Dad, he considers it a great thrill to play live.  Tom is married with six kids (when did he have time to practice??).  When he does practice and gig, he likes to play his ’66 Ludwig “Jazzette” kit.

ANITA VISSER (Bass) has been keeping neighbors near garages, club patrons and concert goers entertained since she was 15 in her first band. Music runs in her family too – her mom is a classical pianist who wanted her to play the piano, but Anita rebelled and loves holding down the low end with the bass.  She joined Due Process in February 2016.